Pumpt Group is a collection of businesses operating in the communications and advertising industry. The core objective that aligns these businesses is:  to get your business pumping

Based on a ‘hub and spoke’ model the individual brands operate as specialists in their own field. When the opportunity exists in order to provide an integrated solution, group companies can be invited to participate. This allows our clients to get a seamless and cohesive delivery of services, often and if required via a single point of contact but with a team. We find this helps our clients to rest easy knowing that things are sorted while they can carry on with the rest of their business.

At Pumpt Group our success derives from our keen and focused people, all working together to share ideas, experience and knowledge of advertising, direct mail,  online and print. In addition to this our processes help to ensure robust execution of outcomes. This has earned us a reputation as enthusiastic supporters of our clients business.

I invite you to browse our websites to discuss your business objectives further.

Dominic Sutton

Founder & CEO

Pumpt Advertising


Pumpt Advertising started.

Smartsaver started.

Printsaver started.

Pumpt Group fitted out new office in 34 Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland.

Smartsaver stopped.

Bestbuys acquired by Pumpt Group.

Pumpt Group celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Smart Business started.

Pumpt Group relocated to 1 William Picking Drive, Rosedale, Auckland.

Bestbuys sold.

@home started.